"We at Mercat de Galvany would like to share with you our passion for unrivalled quality foods. We carefully select and offer the best produce to cook, eat and enjoy."

About us

Mercat de Galvany is located at carrer Santaló 65, on the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district. Its construction began in 1868, on a piece of land donated by Josep Castelló i Galvany. It opened its doors in 1927.

Its structure is made of iron and brick walls with glass windows that give it an unreal translucent feel.Considered an artistic monument, it´s one of the most original buildings in our cit follows the 19th centery tradition of using huge metallic structures for important constructions, markets and railroad stations in particular, at a time in which the most rational urban models, best adapted to industrial and demographic developments, were favoured. Due to its huge proportions and the sobriety of its forms, these types of buildings provide great solemnity to the neighbourhoods in which they are located.

Mercat de Galvany has a surface area of 5,504 m2, of which only 842 m2 are used for commercial purposes, offering a varied range of produce. Its stalls and shops sell poultry, game, eggs, charcuterie products, meat, fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, fresh and frozen fish, seafood, salt fish, preserves, and ecological foods. At the market you will also find bakeries, healthy food shops, take away and areas to taste the purchased products. As well as a non-food range of products and services including perfumes, picture frames, flowers and plants, kitchen utensils, deco objects and gifts, furniture restorers, clothing for adults and children, linen, lingerie, shoes, complements, etc. Besides, there is a client car park and a delivery service.